Jessica Marshall

SMM, Veza Digital
Hey, I'm Jessica! Social Media Manager at Veza Digital 😊

How often should your business be posting on Facebook?

The short answer to this question is basically as often as you can post consistent and high-quality content (this goes for any social media platform).  

Valuable content and consistency will always be important on social media.  

But, let’s get a little bit more specific; 

For posting on Facebook, upload one post per day for optimal results.  Posting too often can result in losing followers in fact, “too many updates” is the #1 reason Facebook pages lose followers.  A recent study done by Hubspot showed a 50% drop in engagement per post on pages that uploaded more than once a day, so don’t go overboard with it..with that being said, not everyone has time to upload every day but, make it a priority to post at least twice a week (absolute minimum).  

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